Let’s Laugh Together


One of the things that help to turn dark days into light is laughter. It is one of the most powerful ways for each of us to tap into our inner joy and create a life enhancing energy. Studies will tell you that laughing everyday will truly help to prolong your life. So my question for you is, how much are you laughing? I am not talking about that surface level laughing that we can contain in a moment’s notice. I am talking about the laughing that takes a long time to stop; the kind that sometimes causes stomach-aches and tears. Why, you ask? It’s because I am a believer that true happiness comes from the inside out and when we are truly happy, we laugh often as children do.

So what stops us from laughing? You guessed it, life! Yes, this wonderful experience called life, that is filled with a constant mix of emotions; happy, sad, joy, sorrow, good, bad. In addition to our daily dose of changing emotions we get a heavy load of expectations. This loveable whirlwind called life is what each of us step into when we rise in the morning. So how can we laugh in the midst of this ongoing saga? By knowing your purpose and laughing at the unexpectedness of life.

Knowing your purpose doesn’t mean that you know what is going to happen. It means that you have a clear idea on the direction in which you are headed. It means having an understanding of your core needs and values to help keep you centered. It means having authentic voice and choice in all situations. It means knowing who you are, what you value and what you need to be successful. Once those things are in alignment then you can’t help but laugh, as life is truly funny. So how can you get to know your purpose? You can start with a little coaching by honestly asking yourself the following:

–          What are my core values?

–          How do I live my core values?

–          What needs do my values help me to meet?

These simple questions will help you to begin the journey to more laughter. So as you take the first step, think of the funniest thing that happened to you in the last week and join me for a laugh. Then start to really dig into these questions bringing you more into alignment with laughter.  If you are interested in continuing this conversation on how to create true alignment and bring more laughter in your life contact me at lesliebrown1908@gmail.com  for a coaching session.


What’s In a Name?


As I complete my 10 month intensive coaching certification, I was suddenly struck with the dilemma of naming my coaching practice. Easy you say….well I beg to differ.  The only naming that I have done is with pets, cars and parties, and honestly even with those I had a hard time. So when thinking of what to name my coaching practice, I froze. The only thing that I could think of was this is how people are going to judge what you do, so you better pick wisely. My panic was only elevated by the voices in my head telling me that each name that I thought of sounded too…fill in the blank. But then it dawned on me, why not use something that I learned during my coaching training.

Coaching training was not easy, it was over 300 hours of intense work and we covered so much. How could I choose? Then I began to think of one of the future self-visualization exercises we learned. I remembered how cool it was for me to meet my future self whom I nicknamed DT Willow. I had never really known anyone named Willow except of course for the child of Will and Jada (pop culture reference).  Anyway I quickly realized that Willow had to be a part of the name so I Googled it for more insight.

As I read through numerous Willow websites I realized that these trees were pretty spectacular!  I learned that Willow’s have very small trunks so they are really unassuming, but under the trunk lies some of the deepest and most powerful roots. The roots are so strong that they allow the tree to bend and move in ways unimaginable for most trees. This is the Willow’s secret weapon, the roots..as a coach that is one of the things I am committed to helping my clients create deep roots to support their transformation. So I thought perfect Willow Coaching but it felt like something was missing, but what? Then in a dream it came to me, not only do I want my clients to grow roots but I want them to bloom and show the fruits of their work. So I was struck with another question, do Willow trees bloom? Well to answer your questions as well as mine, yes willow trees do bloom. So what’s the name of my new coaching practice? You guessed it, Blooming Willow Coaching and you can check me out at www.bloomingwillow.com to learn more about my practice and how I can support you to create roots and bloom, register for a sample coaching session by emailing me at lesliebrown1908@gmail.com .