Affordable Coaching? Are you Crazy??

The Willow: (Looking at the situation)

As I research the range of prices for coaching I am shocked at how much the “big boys” make for corporate coaching, up to $500 a session. So why am I, the person with six figures in student loan debt, providing affordable coaching? The answer is simple because I believe that everyone deserves access to quality coaching because it helps to transform lives. To help you understand why I believe in the power of coaching I am going to share a little about my personal experience which requires that we go back in time (insert twilight zone music here).

When I graduated from college, I became a capacity builder supporting grass-root nonprofit organizations. I wanted to ensure that the organizations closest to the ground were able to compete for funding and operate sustainably while staying true to their missions. I enjoyed working with the community so much that I entered a direct-service agency and began to dedicate my life to serving youth. However, after doing this for years I began to burn out because of the heavy burdens placed on direct-service social justice agencies. So I tried to switch gears and go back to capacity building for a small respite, but quickly realized that the burn out was much deeper. I started to look for outlets for a recharge including yoga, therapy, meditation and traveling. However, when I returned to the work I still felt exhausted… until I found coaching.

The Roots: (What’s up under the current perspective?)

I always believed that coaching was a luxury that I couldn’t afford but after my coach offered me a sample session, I was hooked. My coach pushed me to realize that as I worked to conduct the day-to-day activities for my employers, I had in some ways lost sight of my ultimate vision.  In addition, I had also pushed aside some of my core values which were beginning to cause conflict.

The Bloom: (How we can grow from a deeper understanding.)

Once I realized that I was out of alignment with my dreams and values I was able to quickly realign and step back into my power. This is why providing access to coaching is so important for me, because I understand how misalignment can affect how you feel, how you perceive your environment and more importantly how you envision your future. Furthermore, I am committed to providing quality affordable coaching because I believe it is a gift that everyone deserves.

As your coach I can offer you an environment to explore deeply, reconnect to your power, face your fears and get you moving towards your goals. So if coaching sounds like something you would benefit from, I would love to be your coach and support you as you to step further into alignment with your dreams!

Your Future Coach,

Leslie Brown


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