It’s The Simple Things

Riperton's hit album, Perfect Angel (1974)

Riperton’s hit album, Perfect Angel (1974) (Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Willow: (Looking at the situation)

As I hit the “still listening” button for the 10th time on Pandora, I realized that it was indeed lunch time. I also knew that post lunch it was due time for a station change from my up tempo world music mix, to  something slower in order to prepare for part two of my work day. Sitting there stuffed to the gills (I ate too much trying to stall), I prepared to enter the vortex of social media marketing.  As I hunkered down to face the multitude of marketing platforms labeled “user-friendly” (not true for me) I decided to go with some 70s R&B to keep me grounded.

After starting my “old school” internet radio station, the room was suddenly filled with the sweet soprano voice of Minnie Riperton. Her lyrics brought me to a halt, as she sang out “the simple things, the lovely simple things, I could go on and on and on”, and she was right.  I suddenly realized that all of the new social media platforms were encouraging all of us to move fast through life, missing the simple things. So I pushed away from the computer, grabbed the nearest pen and launched an amazing karaoke performance to finish out the song.

Getting to the Root: (What’s up under the current perspective?)

From Nicholas Carr, “fast (Internet/social) media and deep slow thought don’t mix well.” As media theorist Marshall McLuhan pointed out in 1960s, “Medias are not just passive channel of information.” “They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought. And what the Net seems to be doing is chipping away my capacity for concentration and contemplation.” However, there are several benefits brought from deep reading (thought). For example, “our ability to interpret text, to make the rich mental connection that form when we read deeply and without distraction, remains largely disengaged. ”

The Bloom: (How we can grow from a deeper understanding.)

When I sat back down after the impromptu karaoke show I knew that something had to be done to slow things down. To reach my goal of providing coaching for people who moved through life at the speed of light, I would have to use different strategies. The traditional strategies of social media marketing wouldn’t reach my audience buried under tons of emails and overly stimulated with the Tweets, Pinterest and Linked-In messages.  I needed to go simpler, I needed to return to the forgotten networking methods that people have moved beyond…that’s right face to face meetings and telephone calls (okay… and a litttle FB, you can’t expect me to go cold turkey, I am a Gen. Xer/Millennial). So wish me luck, I am going simple with my marketing so look forward to a call or visit from me soon. Also I challenge you to push away from your desk and busy schedule to enjoy a song break, read a good book and get back to the simple things in your life.

Your Future Coach,

Leslie Brown 


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